Hello ~~world~~ new site!



This site will serve two purposes:

  1. Allow me to start posting some technical blog posts from time to time.

    My day job is putting a good amount of effort in encouraging engineers to write software development related posts. I’ve never really been one to write blog posts per se but given my position I am required to document requirements, proposals, etc. more than my fair share. Given it’s not completely alien to me I thought I would give it a shot on my free time.

  2. Serve as a way to centralize and showcase my technical expertise.

    Just like social networks, platforms to showcase your ninja skills also change. In my opinion, the best possible way to evaluate anyone’s expertise in this day and age before having a direct Q&A session with them is to aggregate the information available in various locations. Today, this might involve going to LinkedIn for job history, Github for contributions, Stackoverflow for knowledge, Twitter for persona. You get the point.

    I want to be able to provide links to my most recent works, contributions, etc. so that those who want to know more about me don’t have to search the perceivably infinite web.

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